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Plane crashes in Jasper

Video from security camera shows plane crash

Video courtesy of security camera at Pueblo Cantina supplied by Pickens Sheriff


Photo/Jeff Warren


Officials look over a Cessna 150 at rest after an emergency landing just south of Highway 53 but short of the Pickens County Airport runway. According to unconfirmed information gathered from officials at the scene, two men test-flying the plane after purchasing it Friday morning at the airport, experienced engine trouble as they looped back toward the runway.


Unable to reach the landing field, the pilot managed to glide the plane to ground on the large grassy area in front of the NAPA store on Luke Carver Drive, but could not stop there. The plane apparently bounced, mangling a wing as it glanced over a parked pickup and trash dumpster directly beside the NAPA building it narrowly missed. The plane came to rest immediately behind the southwest corner of the NAPA store. Both occupants moved by ambulance to Kennestone Hospital with facial injuries but nothing deemed life-threatening.

In the photo above, the buckets under the wings are there to catch fuel leaking from the damaged plane.




Sheriff's Press release: On Friday, February 15, 2012 at approximately 12:10 pm, a single engine

Cessna airplane attempted to make an emergency landing in a grass field
located north of the runway of the Pickens County Airport in Jasper,
Georgia. During the landing, a wing from the plane struck a parked truck
and caused the plane to come to rest.

Both the pilot and passenger were transported to Kennestone Hospital in
Marietta Georgia with serious, but not life threatening, injuries.

The occupants were not from Pickens County, said a sheriff's spokesman.

At this time, the Jasper Police Department and the Pickens Sheriff’s
Office are working together to secure the scene. Investigators from the FAA
and the NTSB are en route to conduct an investigation.